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At TKS International G.m.b.H, we are committed to providing our customers in the glass industry with high-quality and reliable refractory products. With our  technology, we can offer you a reasonable and trustworthy partnership for all of your refractory needs.

Our formulations are crafted using only the finest raw materials available in the global market, ensuring that
our products are of the highest quality.

With a track record of supplying complete furnace Working-End & Forehearths , we have established strong business relationships with customers across the world.

With over 33 years of experience studying process problems and providing solutions in the glass industry, TKS International is recognized as one of leader in  refractories products and problem-solving services.

Our customers appreciate our quality and technical solutions, as well as our prompt delivery and customized special shapes to meet their needs. TKS International is your dependable partner for all of your refractory needs.

We are pleased to offer you our support to improve your production performance.

Please Contact us  to learn more and about how we can help you.

TKS International G.m.b.H

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